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Opportunities of Smart Cities

The main goal of a smart city is to use information and communication technology (ICT) to improve operational efficiency, while, optimising city functions and, consequently, promoting economic growth. Enhancing the quality of life for citizens, is one of the objectives of smart cities. The value lies in how technologies are used rather than simply how much technology is available.

Some of the characteristics of smart cities, include:

  • Data as a means to improve well-being and infrastructure
  • Effective and highly functional public transportation
  • Inclusive and efficient service delivery
  • Progressive city plans
  • Knowledge sharing between cities
  • Increased sustainability and resilience
  • Economic development

Egypt as a Smart Cities Leader in Africa

The New Administrative Capital (NAC) in Egypt is a leading example of a smart city in Africa. It is built to accommodate more than 7 million inhabitants, NAC aims to address global challenges, as well as strengthen Egypt's economic potential. The New Administrative Capital is characterized by being livable, green, sustainable, walkable, connected, and smart, covering smart traffic, smart security and smart resource management.

In light of this, “The International Conference on Smart Cities: A Vision for the Future” (ICSC2023) provides a prominent platform, with a driving force for all engineers, scientists, researchers, as well as decision-makers and professionals, working in fields related to smart cities.

ICSC2023 is expected to attract around 500 participants from all over the world. The conference will be held in a hybrid mode, both the physical and online participation will be available based on the Corona situation.

  • Our Vision is to tackle revolutionary technologies of smart cities to overcome today's challenges and the ones that will arise in the future. We believe that by bringing motivated and bright people together and engaging in meaningful constructive and contested debates, we could make our cities a better place to live.
  • Our Aim is to build with the next generation in mind.
  • Our Aspiration is to be the place to trigger new dimensions for all human, technological and environmental aspects of smart cities
  • Our Drive is the constant wish to increase the quality of human life and the sustainability of the surrounding environment.

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